Cleaner Air for London


This is our blog about five fuel cell electric taxis which will be on the streets of London during the Olympic period, transporting visiting VIPs around the capital.

Designed with taxi drivers in mind, the fuel cell electric taxis are capable of a full day’s use, with the same range, refuelling time and improved performance, compared to conventional taxis, but with zero emissions.

Phil Davis, one of our five drivers and a London cabbie with over 30 years behind the wheel, said that, “It drives very well, and is quiet to drive with no polluting emissions from the exhaust – all that comes out is pure water!”

We’ll be hearing more from Phil, and the other drivers, over the next few weeks. Read the blog to find out what goes on with the taxis and who they are ferrying around. You’ll also meet the people behind the scenes who have made it happen.


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