British scientist Matt Ridley hails a taxi to City Hall

Matt Ridley, British scientist and author (left)

Our fuel cell electric taxis have been in the capital this week transporting a whole host of interesting people around London.

Matt Ridley, the British scientist and author, hailed a taxi to City Hall today, where he spoke in the Mayor of London’s Environmental Imperatives debate. Matt, who often writes and speaks about science, human progress and ideas (Matt’s TED talk has been viewed 1.6 million times), described the taxis as an example of how innovation and technology can come together to solve environmental problems.

“I arrived here today in a hydrogen fuel cell powered taxi, which is an excellent example of applied innovation to solve environmental and urban air quality issues. The taxi offered a smooth, quiet, zero emissions ride, and it would be wonderful if all taxis could be powered in this way.”

Other VIPs who have experienced a zero emissions taxi ride this week include Allison Abbate, the BAFTA-award winning producer of Fantastic Mr. Fox and Corpse Bride, and Steve McCann, Group CEO and Managing Director of Lend Lease, a global property and infrastructure company.

Also in the back of our fuel cell electric cab this week was Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President at Nissan. Andy has global responsibility for Nissan’s product planning and leads Nissan’s electric vehicle project, so he was particularly interested in hailing the taxi for a ride. Andy really enjoyed the quiet and smooth ride in the back of the taxi.


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