Hydrogen refuelling in action

Yesterday we refuelled our fuel cell electric taxis at the brand new Air Products’ hydrogen fuelling station at Heathrow Airport. Before using the fuelling station, our team was given thorough training by Air Products in how to use the newly commissioned station.

Each of our taxis has a 4kg hydrogen storage tank under the bonnet, which holds enough hydrogen for a 250 mile journey. It only takes a few minutes to refuel using a specially designed nozzle, and is similar to filling up a petrol or diesel car. Jim Mackay, Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell taxi operations manager said, “It was a really simple process, and quick, too. Having this fuel station so close to our base in central London will be hugely beneficial to our operations during the Olympic and Paralympic period”.

The station dispenses hydrogen at 350 bar, that’s an industry-standard pressure, which is suitable for both our fuel cell electric taxis and London’s hydrogen bus fleet, the only zero emission fleet in the UK. The new station will join those already in operation in the UK, adding to the vital infrastructure that is powering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles across the UK.


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