We speak to Dave,fuel cell electric taxi Programme Manager

We asked Dave for some insight into his job working behind the scenes with the fuel cell electric taxis as the Programme Manager.

Dave ensured the safe and on time delivery of the entire fleet of five fuel cell electric taxis to the Mayor of London’s Office for the start of the Olympic period, “I love seeing the positive reaction of the drivers and passengers to our taxis. Not only is it a clean technology, but the vehicles are quicker, quieter and smoother than a standard taxi.”

The greatest challenge for Dave has been the compressed timescale of the project, with improvements to the performance of the fuel cell system also keeping Dave busy. He’s particularly proud of the team, “they have worked long hours to build and test the latest technology on the bench and test track. Well done to all the team.”

Dave is focused on keeping the taxis in top shape now that they are on London’s roads, “We have engineers from both the Customer Services and Fuel Cell System build teams based in London to perform daily checks on the vehicles to keep them in top condition. They are backed up by specialists in Loughborough from our Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Test & Validation teams who are using wireless data monitoring devices to review the performance of the taxis.”


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