Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a ride in the fuel cell electric taxi

Since our last journey update, we’ve continued to be busy transporting VIPs guests around London on behalf of the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority.

Yesterday, the well-known actor, politician and former professional bodybuilder – the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California, was given a lift in one of our taxis. Schwarzenegger and his entourage travelled to Greenwich to watch the USA triumph over Spain in the Men’s Basketball finals.

In London to promote his latest film the Expendables 2, the former governor was the guest of London Mayor, Boris Johnson. Arnold’s feedback on the fuel cell electric taxi: “I want one of these.” We hope he’ll be back…

Other guests in the back of our cabs over the last few days included Richard Desmond (owner of the Express group of newspapers) and his wife, and Evgeny Lebedev, proprietor of the London Evening Standard and The Independent. We also driven Lord Fink, Tory Party Treasurer, Mr Christopher North, the Managing Director of Amazon UK, Sir George White of Bristol Motors and Dr Wright of Wright Group to various Olympic events.

As the Games came to an end, we were delighted to hear the following comments from the Mayor’s Office: “Thank you very much to everyone. We appreciate the efforts to prove these prototypes and get us and our guests to the events in comfort and on time.”

That’s all from us until the taxis restart their activities during the Paralympics period. Hope to see you again then!


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