Meet the driver: Michael Cullen

One of our taxi drivers, Michael Cullen, takes a quick break to give us the lowdown on life as a cabbie, his thoughts on the fuel cell electric taxis and some unusual hobbies…

“I’ve been a cabbie for 37 years, and drive between 55,000 to 60,000 miles a year. I am also a member of the Worshipful Company of Hackney Cab Drivers and have been a participant of the Magical Taxi Tour (which takes sick children and their families to Disneyland Paris in a convoy of taxis) for the last ten years. I also run Intowntaxis, which supplies credit card facilities for cab drivers.

When I’m not driving or running my business, I enjoy painting, photography and flying; I have recently taken up flying lessons with the aim of acquiring my private pilot’s licence.

Before being asked to drive these cabs, I was already aware of hydrogen fuel cell technology, so I was intrigued and eager to test a converted taxi. I was not disappointed! I’m really enjoying driving the hydrogen fuel cell cabs and I’m impressed by their performance. Before getting behind the wheel, I thought they might be sluggish, but I was surprised at the ease of driving the taxis. They are quick to accelerate and very easy to manoeuvre.”


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