California Fuel Cell Partnership talks refuelling infrastructure

Our friends at the California Fuel Cell Partnership have been in touch to let us know about an exciting new initiative to get industry, academia, NGO’s and Government agencies thinking about one of the greatest barriers to adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles: refuelling infrastructure.

Chris White of the California Fuel Cell Partnership writes, “Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles are poised to enter the California market as early as 2015 as an integral part of many automakers’ electric-drive portfolios. But, the biggest obstacle to introducing fuel cell electric vehicles is the lack of fueling stations.

The first FCEV purchasers must be confident that sufficient hydrogen fueling is available whether it’s near their home, work or favorite destination. And as the number of vehicles increases, the station network must grow to keep up with the demand. How do we get there and what do we need to guide the development of the fueling network?

Recognizing the need for building consensus, the California Fuel Cell Partnership brought together our 30+ members – representing industry, academia, non-governmental organizations and government agencies – to discuss, contribute and write A California Road Map. Using research and modeling tools, this collaborative effort created a strategy to guide the placement of hydrogen fueling stations. With enough stations in the right places, automakers can launch the early commercial market, paving the way for tens of thousands of fuel cell electric vehicles.”

You can see the proposed road map now at A California Road Map: The Commercialization of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles


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