Update on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric London taxis

Intelligent Energy’s very own Dennis Hayter recently met with uBrainTV to talk about the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric London taxis. Naturally we wanted to share the video clips with you, to keep you up-to-date on how the Fuel Cell Taxis programme is progressing.

In this first video Dennis is interviewed by Anne McIvor, in the back of one of the taxis. Anne and Dennis talk about the vehicles fuel cell technology and how this differs to the fuel cell technology used in other vehicles such as the Suzuki Burgman motorbike. Dennis also explains which vehicles are likely to hit the UK’s streets first and if there is an opportunity to incorporate the fuel cell technology into different vehicles and countries.


In this second video, Dennis discusses with Mark Bradbury the evolution of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell London Taxi since inception – in particular, looking at the technology behind the vehicle. Mark, who has experienced the taxi as a passenger, mentions that it looks and feels like the iconic London back cab, but Dennis points out noticeable differences such as the lack of a tail pipe and zero polluting emissions.

In the final video, Dennis meets with John-Marc Bunce to talk about the Hydrogen Fuel Cell London Taxi roll out following the 2012 summer Olympics and Paralympics. Dennis speaks about hydrogen refueling and the importance of moving forward with the fuel cell powered taxis, to meet the mayor’s environment strategy of ensuring that all London taxis are emission-free by 2020.

Credit: footage courtesy of United Brain Networks Ltd 


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