Drive ‘n’ Ride 2012

Last week, we took part in the Drive ‘n’ Ride zero emission vehicle event in Strasbourg, where members of the European Parliament and their advisors were able to test drive or be a passenger in the latest generation of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Brian Simpson, MEP for the North West of England and Chair of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee kicked off the event, with the aim of demonstrating the readiness of fuel cells and hydrogen as a viable route to zero emission transport in Europe

The cars on display included our hydrogen fuel cell powered electric taxi amongst others provided by automotive manufacturers including Daimler, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. In addition to the vehicles, guests at the event received a demonstration of the hydrogen refuelling process at Strasbourg’s first fully mobile and compact hydrogen station, clearly demonstrating what a simple, safe and speedy process this is!

This Drive ‘n’ Ride event is aimed at highlighting the remaining challenges associated with building refuelling infrastructure and reducing costs with production scale. It was particularly timely too with work underway by the national governments in Germany, the UK and Scandinavian to support the introduction fuel cell electric vehicles and refuelling stations into the market.

This event follows a successful summer for Intelligent Energy, especially as one of the lead partners of the HyTEC project (Hydrogen Transport for European Cities). We were especially delighted to talk about the project in more detail and as an opportunity to demonstrate the readiness of fuel cell electric vehicles to help bring to market in Europe, practical zero emission transport in Europe.


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