UK Technology Strategy Board launches two competitions to support innovation in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies


The UK (TSB) has added to the UK’s already increasing interest in alternative energy, by announcing plans to invest up to £5 million in funding, to advance research and development in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

This investment comes at a great time to help raise the UK’s profile in fostering innovation and support for the use of alternative energy within industry. The automotive industry is already adopting hydrogen and fuel cell technology into their design and manufacturing process, making for a strong example of its potential.

TSB plans to kick-start its funding programme by launching two competitions aimed at business-led organisations, wanting to take their innovations to the next level.

Building fuel cell manufacturing and the supply chain competition

The first competition is aimed at enabling businesses to analyse and modify their production volumes and in the longer term reduce costs, by using innovative approaches and partnering with other business sectors and the academic community.

To make this happen, up to £1m will be made available for feasibility studies, which will help to explore the potential and viability for innovative ideas and new partnerships. A further £4 million will be made available for research and development into these areas, to take some of them forward to the second competition.

Supporting European collaboration in fuel cells and hydrogen competition

This second competition focuses on taking these successful feasibility projects to the next level by encouraging the businesses behind them, to explore partnerships with European organisations operating in the fuel cell and hydrogen market. This competition will also provide opportunities to identify European supply chains and to help lower the associated risks organisations sometimes face when forming new, cross sector partnerships.

 Interested in entering? Here are some key dates

The feasibility studies competition opens for entries on 26 November 2012 and the deadline for registration is at noon on 9 January 2013.

For more details about this competition and if you and your business are eligible to enter, visit the Innovate UK website


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