Research report from the IGEM – Hydrogen: untapped energy?

Last week, a new report from the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) revealed the potential for using hydrogen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve the efficiency of renewable technologies, including wind and solar power.

The report explores how hydrogen can be used as a carrier to store energy produced from a wide range of sources, and power applications such as electric vehicles, heating and power generation.

The report shows how energy companies are starting to realise this potential by using excess electricity generated to produce hydrogen, which can be transported and used later to produce heat or electricity with zero carbon emissions, reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

It also highlights how hydrogen could be used to support the development of low carbon technologies, for instance carbon capture and storage.

Energy storage is a strategic imperative – for oil or natural gas, the solution is relatively simple. This storage becomes more complicated (and costly) for electricity. Hydrogen offers a cost-effective, reliable solution for storing generated electricity, which can be integrated into the existing natural gas infrastructure and grid.

However, IGEM points out that for a hydrogen economy to become a reality and allow commercial scale adoption, then public funds are needed to leverage private sector investment.

Peter Hardy, IGEM’s Technical Services Manager, said: “To tackle carbon emissions, climate change and security of energy supply it is imperative that countries continue to invest in developing renewables, and technologies like hydrogen and fuel cell technology.”

Download a copy of Hydrogen: untapped energy? here.



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