Intelligent Energy Brings Hydrogen Fuel Cells to the International Festival of Business 2014

On Monday 9th June, we joined some of the brightest lights from UK industry in Liverpool’s St George’s Hall as Prime Minister David Cameron took centre stage at the UKTI’s British Business Embassy (BBE). Described by Cameron in his opening address as “the biggest showcase of British industry since 1951,” the invitation-only event marked the launch of the International Festival of Business 2014. The event allowed British movers and shakers from across British industry – including the advanced engineering, automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industry sectors – to come together and show why the UK continues to be a hotbed of innovation.


Intelligent Energy was invited to exhibit at the event where we took the opportunity to introduce delegates to a range of our advanced hydrogen fuel cell systems.

The first of our three showcases was the Upp™: a personal energy device incorporating Intelligent Energy’s innovative fuel cell technology in to a portable device which charges compatible handheld devices via USB. Upp allows users to power a range of portable electronic equipment such as smartphones, portable speakers, eReaders and digital cameras quickly, in fact as fast as the mains, –independently from the grid!


The automotive industry was one area of focus at the BBE, with some of the most impressive feats of British automotive engineering on display including the Mono single seater supercar, a Formula E racing car, and a McClaren racing car. We exhibited our own Intelligent Energy fuel cell taxi, a zero-emission vehicle which was used as a VIP carrier at the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as the world’s first purpose-built hydrogen fuel-cell motorbike, the Intelligent Energy ENV. These two very different vehicles, and indeed the Upp device, all serve to demonstrate the wide range of applications that Intelligent Energy’s scalable fuel cell technologies are now ready to address.

In addition to high level representatives from both Government and industry, a wide range of national and regional news also attended, with Steph McGovern interviewing Dennis Hayter, our Vice President of Business Development, live on BBC Breakfast News.


One thing that was inescapable throughout the event was the importance of science and engineering to industry. David Cameron highlighted the need to balance the economy across multiple industries, not just financial services, with multiple speakers through the day reiterating the need to foster engineering talent from as young an age as possible.

The International Festival for Business 2014 continues apace and will run for 50 days across June and July with over 250 business events covering almost every industry sector. It is expected to generate £1.7bn worth of business with over 250,000 delegates arriving from over 125 countries.


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