Toyota Bringing Hydrogen FCEVs to UK in Summer 2015

The Paris Motor Show began this week with news of Toyota’s intention to bring its Fuel Cell Sedan to Britain, Germany, Denmark and US in summer 2015. This announcement from the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer demonstrates that the imminent roll-out of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) to the consumer is now a reality and will give a welcome boost to efforts elsewhere to introduce these clean but practical electric vehicles.

The UK’s commitment to low emission vehicles is something we experienced first-hand at CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle 2014 last month and has been cited as a major factor as to why Toyota has chosen the UK as one of its ‘test bed’ markets. Already we’re seeing the UK invest in infrastructure to support FCEVs in the shape of the HyFive Project which is bringing refuelling stations to the Capital, also slated for arrival next year.

In Toyota’s own words hydrogen has great potential as an alternative fuel. It can be produced from a wide variety of primary energy sources, including solar and wind power; it is easy to store and transport; and when compressed, it has a higher energy density than batteries.” Moreover, refuelling times, performance and range for FCEVs are all comparable to that of traditional combustion engine vehicles

A landmark announcement from Toyota, but expect to see more from others as the momentum builds towards the widespread roll out FCEVs and the fuelling infrastructure to support them.


Cenex Low Carbon Event 2014 reflects the market opportunities for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs)

On 10th & 11th September, Intelligent Energy exhibited at one of the largest low carbon events in the automotive industry, the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2014 at Millbrook.

Millbrook, one of Europe’s leading locations for the development and demonstration of vehicles of every kind, played host to a showcase of technologies, vehicles, presentations and seminar sessions all in the name of reducing tailpipe emissions.

This year LCV provided a series of seminars, delivered by key industry figures including Katsuhiko Hirose, General Manager of Toyota’s Fuel Cell Engineering Division and Energy Research Department on the topic of his company’s perspective on sustainable mobility. Intelligent Energy’s Dennis Hayter  gave a presentation on the progress of H2 Mobility initiatives around the world, and the implications for the imminent role out fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Other speakers at the event included Jaguar Land Rover’s Head of Research and Advanced Systems Engineering Tony Harper, Dr Thomas Becker, Vice President of Government Affairs at the BMW Group, Richard Bruges, CEO of Productiv and Tony Pixton, Chief Executive of the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre.

Sustainability and the part that low carbon mobility has to play were at the heart of the event, with industry experts highlighting the real momentum and market opportunity for low carbon vehicles, including fuel cell electric, battery and hybrids.

We exhibited a range of our systems including the Gen4 air-cooled fuel cell power unit making its UK display debut,  Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell motorbike, the ENV, and the Zero Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell London Taxi. We noted real excitement around fuel cells with many of those we spoke to seeing them as a viable and clean long-term solution for the automotive industry. We also had a high level of interest in our Upp personal energy device and we were able to help many visitors with a top up to their USB compatible smart devices while they visited our stand.

(From left to right: Upp personal fuel cell device, Intelligent Energy ENV, Gen4 fuel cell power unit)